Who We Are

There is a tremendous need for the gospel in China

There are 1.4 billion people in China, and around 1.3 billion who do not know Christ. On top of this, over the last century China has systematically uprooted many of its own value systems, leading to a vacuum of belief. The people of China are hungry for meaning.

Historically, the best way to address these spiritual needs and spread the gospel has been through the work of foreign missionaries. But is foreign-led missionary work the best way to reach China going forward?

It’s time for a change in missions

Over the last century, the indigenous Chinese church has been growing and maturing. In recent years, in cities throughout China, a gospel movement has been taking root. We believe that the time has come to allow them to take the lead, to come alongside them as they reach China with the gospel. It is time for us to listen and serve.

Our Vision Statement

Our desire is to see a vibrant and life-transforming Chinese church that roots itself in the gospel of grace and impacts the foundations of Chinese society as it serves and leads within the global church community.

We come alongside the church in China

Rather than focusing on the individual callings of missionaries, China Partnership believes in supporting the local, indigenous church already in China. Much like scaffolding supports a skyscraper, we support the church in China by offering resources, theological education, translation, prayer, and much more.

We serve, train, and resource them

They edify us through their stories, teaching, and theology


A short message about partnering with us.