Get Involved

In the West, we tend to think of partnership as going and serving. But how can we help our Chinese brothers and sisters when going to China isn’t wise, beneficial, or safe?



You Can Serve the Church in China


Hear from Chinese voices

Part of having a posture of support is the willingness to listen and learn. Not only that, but we also believe that the church in China has a leading role to play in the future of Christianity. It is vital for us to hear their voices. Will you join us in learning from the church in China?


Join our prayer team

Since 2017, we have been raising up a prayer movement of people committed to praying for the church in China daily and monthly. We believe prayer is not a secondary activity, but rather one of the primary ways we can serve our Chinese brothers and sisters. Will you join us in praying for the church in China?


Support the work in China financially

Our desire is to help equip the indigenous church so that the gospel can go deeper and wider in China. But our work of support is only made possible through the generous gifts of our partners. Would you join us in giving for the sake of the church in China?


A short message about partnering with us.