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What is a Prayer Night for the Church in China?

A prayer night for the church in China is a one-hour event you can host in your home or church. During the course of the night, you’ll watch several video testimonies from Chinese believers, as well as pray through a series of prayer requests for the church in China.

When you sign up to host a prayer night, we’ll provide you with a prayer kit that includes everything you need to host a great prayer night: instructions, prayer requests, videos, and more!

Why Should I Host a Prayer Night?

We don’t believe prayer is secondary; we believe it is primary. Prayer is not simply a “consolation prize” for those who can’t serve in the field or give financially, but rather the high calling to bring our requests before the Living God.

Our brothers and sisters in China agree: over and over again, the request we have received from the church in China is for more prayer! Few things are more encouraging for the Chinese church in the midst of persecution and suffering than to know that believers around the globe are interceding for them.

Will you help us pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters? Will you help invite others to intercede before our Heavenly Father on their behalf? 

How do get involved?

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We welcome all who want to join with others in prayer for the church in China

Review the prayer kit

We have provided a step by step guide and resources to host a 1 hour group prayer meeting

Invite others

Invite friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters in Christ all to join you for a prayer night

Host a prayer Night

Lead the group by following the step by step prayer guide.

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