Go deeper in learning from the house church in China

The Gospel We Preach

A gospel movement has been spreading through the urban house churches of China. No longer hidden in rural villages, the house church is booming in cities of millions. Now, this movement is creating its own theologians, many of whom are bringing fresh, contextual insights to their theology and practice of the gospel.

This book is a testament to the rich theological fruit from two decades of China Partnership’s ministry of serving, training, and resourcing this gospel movement. We started by bringing the gospel to them; now, they are bringing the gospel to us.

Faith in the Wilderness

“If we want revival in our communities, then let us learn from those being revived.”
— Hannah Nation

For many Western Christians, the experience of persecution is remote. For Chinese Christians, on the other hand, suffering is a regular aspect of the Christian life. With a history of faithfulness under persecution and a rich theology of suffering, the Chinese house church movement has much to contribute theologically to the global church.

Winner of an Award of Merit in Christianity Today’s 2023 Book Awards.

Faithful Disobedience

The relationship of the unregistered house church to the Chinese government is a complicated one. At the core of the conflict is the question: “Who is King?” In this collection of writings, leaders of the Chinese house church outline the theological stance on why they choose to be unregistered house churches in the first place.

Winner of the 2022 IVP Readers’ Choice Award in the category History, Politics, and Culture.


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