Learning about our new reality from the Chinese house church

As coronavirus spreads across the world, Christians in the West face unprecedented challenges. How can we build the body of Christ when we cannot be physically present with one another? How can we love our brothers and sisters and our neighbors well? These questions are ones that Chinese churches have already been wrestling with, both in their battle with COVID-19 and in the fires of persecution. The answers they have developed are ones churches in the West deserve to hear. 

As the West deals with COVID-19 in the coming months, we will be sharing resources from pastors, thinkers, and laypeople as they grapple with this and other trials. We invite you to learn from China with us.



Fear Comes from the Invisible World

Read an evangelistic tract distributed by a Chinese house church in the midst of COVID-19 that winsomely explains certain points of the gospel not immediately understood within the Chinese worldview.



The 4 Phases of Emotion in a Pandemic

David Chen offers insight into how to counsel those stricken by fear, isolation, helplessness, and hopelessness brought about by COVID-19.


What the Chinese House Church Teaches Western Churches

Churches in the West can learn to pray, plan, and persevere from their Chinese brothers and sisters who have been living in the midst of pandemic since January.



Do Not Neglect to Meet Together

How do we follow the command of Hebrews 10:25 when we cannot meet together physically? Read a letter from a Chinese house church pastor as he gives practical and theological advice for continuing to meet under the cloud of the coronavirus.

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COVID-19 Is a Chance to Learn from China

On March 17, more than 60 participants from ministries across the U.S. gathered online in a meeting to help American churches learn from the Chinese house church’s experiences facing the coronavirus. Read one writer’s reflections from this meeting on why this is a key time for the global church to learn from the Chinese church.



Separation of Life and Death

As we are faced with our own mortality in light of the coronavirus outbreak, read the reflections of a Chinese house church pastor on Matthew 25 on eternal life and death.


Crying to God in the Time of Plague

Read an evangelistic pamphlet written by a Chinese pastor to distribute to their city during the COVID-19 crisis.



Don’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste

Read four lessons we can learn from the house church in China on being the church online and how to make the most of this season of quarantine.


Church Planting in China During the Coronavirus

Despite the ordinary persecution Chinese believers face and the extraordinary obstacle they now endure in the pandemic, Pastor Hu is convinced that “church planting is the best way to fulfill God’s plan.”