A Prayer for Hong Kong
from St. Andrew’s Church Kowloon


This Month On The Blog:



A Profile of Hong Kong

“Hong Kong has been through a tough year, probably its toughest in the last 75 years. Yet amidst the city’s current mood of gloom and uncertainty, there are opportunities to speak of the better hope we have in Christ.”



Lasting Hope for Hong Kong

“Much of what has underpinned the confidence and identity of Hongkongers has been threatened in the last year. These challenges have left many feeling like aliens and strangers in their own land, insecure and unsure of what the future holds.”


Praying For Unity & Against Idolatry

“There are people who left the church to avoid conflict, while others who stayed within the church continue to fight one another.”



Do You Remember, Lord?

“I could not help lamenting: ‘How long will this be? May the Lord help us and lead us in this time!’”


Following Jesus to Finish His Mission

“God is being glorified in Hong Kong at this time through the presence of Christians there. Perhaps he will also be glorified when these Hongkongers are scattered to the nations”.”


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