Interview with a Kunming pastor – Prayer Manifests God’s Glory

Editor’s note: China Partnership has launched a new chapter of its prayer initiative. Over the year we are praying for the church in a new city each month – providing videos, interviews, and prayer requests directly from the churches with whom we work. We hope this helps you better understand the needs of the Chinese church and commit more fervently to stand in prayer with our brothers and sisters.  

This month we continue the project with Kunming. We’re excited to bring you this interview with a Chinese pastor in the city! We hope you will check out the Kunming page for additional content and to sign up to partner with us in prayer.

CP: Why do you think prayer is so important for the churches in China?

Pastor: Throughout the Bible, God tells his people to pray. Although we know that God predestined everything before the creation of the world, he still fulfills his decrees through our prayers. Therefore prayer is what God commands, and throughout his life Jesus demonstrates to us that he is a man of prayer. He opens up his ministry through prayer. Through prayer we not only draw near God, we also humble ourselves so that God’s will may be fulfilled through our lives.

CP: What are some of the answers you see from praying for China?

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Pastor: Speaking of praying for the church in China, the previous generation of Christians suffered so much under the Cultural Revolution, and thus they became a people of prayer. By faith they prayed for the revival of the churches in China and the spread of the gospel. I believe it is because of their faithful prayer that we have this generation of believers to inherit their work.

Praying for the church in China is a long process, through which by faith we see God’s blessings on the churches in China according to his own will. Therefore prayer is very important.

CP: Where have you seen churches in China gather together to pray?

Pastor: Usually at gatherings where pastors come together. Or at joint prayer meetings where all churches in an area come together regularly to pray. For example, once we prayed for the churches in China and churches in [various cities].

Prayers manifest God’s glory.

CP: When you see this prayer revival, how do you feel?

Pastor: I feel a lot of joy in it, because prayer manifests God’s glory. God manifests his glory when the gospel leads more and more people to know him, so that the church can better manifest his glory. Therefore when we see the gospel being preached and churches being built, we are overjoyed by this, and this is connected to God’s will.

CP: How do you feel when you hear that churches in America are also praying for the churches in China?

Pastor: I feel the warmth of being at home in God’s kingdom. God’s church exists not in one place but in every corner of the world. This manifests God’s kingdom.

CP: What kind of encouragement do such actions bring to you or to your church?

Pastor: Great encouragement, because we know we need each other. We are connected through the body of Christ; and this fellowship and bond is best through prayer.

God’s church exists not in one place but in every corner of the world.

CP: When we pray for China, what areas should we pray for? How should we pray for China?

Pastor: I think we should pray that the churches in China would become more mature, that the gospel would impact the Christians at a deeper level, that the lives of the Christians would be filled with love for God, and that they would be more concerned about their neighbors, the lost souls. 

I know we should be concerned for each other and pray for the lost souls around the world, but our neighbors are the ones we interact with the most. Therefore, I think if American churches could pray for the churches in China, pray that the Chinese churches will be burning with the loving fire of the gospel to share the gospel with their neighbors and save their soulsThe biggest problem right now is that the Chinese people don’t love other Chinese people. 

When we look to God’s glory, we will actually see all the lost souls and God’s will to be fulfilled in the world.

CP: Do you have any final words for American Christians and churches?

Pastor: I praise God for the faithful American Christians who hold fast to the scriptures, to the gospel, and to the truth. They continue to act out the power of the gospel by helping many churches in need. I think this is a great encouragement from the American churches, and we are willing to be faithful as they are to the works of God that are entrusted to us.

I praise God for the faithful American Christians who hold fast to the scriptures, to the gospel, and to the truth.

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