China & the Church in China

Are you just beginning your journey of learning about China?

We’ve collected numerous blog posts from over the years to help. On this page, you’ll find resources that introduce a variety of topics on Chinese culture and the Chinese church.

Christianity in China

Though China still receives many foreign workers to assist with the growth of the church, Christianity has existed in China much longer than it has in North America. Learn about the history of Christianity in China and why the gospel is having such a great impact.

A Living Legacy of the Chinese Church

The contemporary Chinese house church was founded and maintained by faithful men and women who sacrificed much during the hard, early decades of communist control. Read an interview with a pastor who lived through the Cultural Revolution and consider his prayers for modern China:

Secularism & the Growth of the Chinese Church

Despite the nation’s modernization, Christianity is growing rapidly in China. How is this desecularizaion of the world’s largest atheist population possible? Read what two academics have to say: 

China on the World Stage

Without a doubt, China’s importance on the world stage is continuing to increase. What should Christians think about China’s ascending power? What opportunities for the gospel does it provide? What risks are associated with China’s rise? Consider what a variety of authors have to say in response to these questions:

Chinese Culture

As the Chinese house church matures, its leaders are beginning to reflect upon traditional Chinese culture from a Christian worldview. China Partnership has featured many blog posts to help those outside of China understand how Christianity engages China’s traditional cultural idioms, holidays, and art. 


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