Chinese Evangelism

at Christmas

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A Christmas Prayer For China



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Week 1:
Evangelism Among Chinese In America


December 9th

We are praying for evangelism among Chinese for the rest of December. This week pray for evangelism to Chinese in the US.

December 10th

Over 300, 000 Chinese studied in the US in 2015. Ask the Lord to use his church esp during this Christmas season to minister the gospel to these sojourners.

December 11th

Pray for the seekers, esp the Communist Party members among them. Pray for boldness to pledge full allegiance to Christ.

December 12th

Pray for churches and parachurches to labor toward quality of discipleship over quantity of converts. Pray against idolatry of ministry success.

December 13th

Ask the Spirit to preserve the faith of returnee-converts to China. Pray for growth in love & submission to local believing communities.

December 14th

Distrust is an issue among Chinese. Ask the Spirit to transform Chinese believers’ relationship with each other as they submit to the Prince of Peace.

December 15th

Pray for greater fellowship, collegiality, & partnership btw churches and parachurches, & btw American and ethnic Chinese churches.


Articles To Read This Week:

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Week 2:
Evangelism In The Chinese Countryside


December 16th

This week pray for the gospel to reach the Chinese countryside. 

December 17th

As China modernizes, the elderly are among those left behind in dwindling rural villages. Ask God to send his church to love the aged.

December 18th

Rural quality of life continues to lag behind as income gap widens. Ask that the urban church share the rural church’s burden, remembering Christ’s poverty.

December 19th

China’s household registration policy limits migrant workers’ access to services in cities. Ask God for resources to minister to these workers’ needs.

December 20th

Pray for migrant workers ministries. Pray that the relationship between the “haves” and “have-nots” in the urban church be characterized by genuine love.

December 21st

Ask the Spirit to raise up evangelists among migrant workers and set their hearts on fire to take the gospel back to their hometowns.

December 22nd

Ask that the good news of Christ be made known among the depressed and disheartened in Chinese countryside in this season of hope.


An Article To Read This Week:



Week 3:
Evangelism In Chinese Cities:


December 23rd

This week pray for the gospel to reach people of every class in Chinese cities.

December 24th

May Christmas celebrations prompt deeper questions. Ask the Spirit to intervene in people’s busyness & reveal the futility of life apart from Christ.

December 25th

Ask God to heal any enmity within the urban church as she preaches reconciliation. May others be brought to faith by the love they witness.

December 26th

Pray for city dwellers to see an alternative to a life of self-sufficiency in the Christmas message. True rest can be found in a life dependent on Christ.

December 27th

Pray for seekers & believers from all walks of life. May both the rich and the poor be humbled by Jesus, God Incarnate, and find their ultimate hope in him.

December 28th

Ask God to warn the urban church against the idolatry of materialism esp during Christmas. Pray for contentment with God’s provision and faithfulness in stewardship.

December 29th

Pray that the urban church leaders would lay aside their pride and become instruments of Christ’s sacrificial love.


Videos To Watch This Week:

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