The Gospel Message in Jail

Editor’s note: The following was written by an Early Rain Covenant Church member about a man named Wang (name changed for security reasons), whose wife is a member of Early Rain. Wang himself is not a Christian but was detained along with his wife because she is a Christian. His experience in the detention center reveals just one of many reasons why God appears to have sent Early Rain members to these detention centers and prisons—namely, to give the gospel to those prisoners who are thirsting for it. We are encouraged how this man was able to articulate the gospel while in jail to others, and also pray for his own salvation.

Wang just came to our house and shared about his time in the detention center. There were 11 beds and 31 people living there. Everyone there eagerly wanted to hear the gospel. Everyone asked him to give them his phone number, and he gave it. Some of them were drug dealers. They said they would contact him as soon as they got out and would take their wives to church. They all called him Professor Wang. They loved listening to someone else speak to them. So Wang told them about the gospel and they loved listening to him. As long as someone was willing to speak, the others loved to listen. 

I’m so thankful. When it was time for Wang to leave, the others there didn’t want him to leave. They bought a kettle, put hot water inside of it, and wrapped it in a blanket until the evening. Then they said, ‘Professor Wang, you’re leaving and we don’t want you to leave. Let us wash your feet.’

This was such an uncommon occurrence there. The plastic tub they used to wash his feet had a leak, so they blocked it up with a towel and let him wash his feet. Wang was deeply moved. When I heard this, I was also deeply moved. I thought of our husbands. They are all very good speakers, and there are many people willing to listen to them there. God has clearly sent them to the people in that place. I think we can describe this as hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Each person is longing to hear someone tell them about the gospel, to tell them about the Truth.

Editor’s note: The following is another short testimony of what is happening behind prison doors. It is written by the wife of a church member who is currently detained. Some information has been omitted for security reasons.

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This morning I went to the Chengdu Detention Center and saw my husband. He was extremely joyful and peaceful! He has grown a long beard, but he’s even more handsome than before…Yesterday, the guard on duty unexpectedly said to him, ‘You’re a Christian. Pray for all of the criminals.’ So he knelt down in the morning and in the afternoon and prayed unceasingly for each brother and sister behind bars and for their roommates. Thank the Lord!

English translation provided by Brent Pinkall and the China Partnership translation team.

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