Year End Prayers For China

In 2017 China Partnership began a movement to pray
one prayer a day for China…

A look back gives us a heartening picture of how far the prayer movement has come. To date we have prayed for the people and churches in 18 Chinese cities – this means 66,000 square miles and 180 million people. We have prayed for needs during special times of the year (e.g. Chinese New Year). We have prayed for men, women, pastors, seekers, the rich, the poor, the old, the young – people in every level of society. We have prayed for the church under persecution. 

As 2019 comes to a close, we ask you to press on with praying one prayer a day for China. Based on the prayers of four beloved pastors who care deeply for the Chinese people – Paul Tripp, John Piper, Julius Kim, and Bryan Chapell – here are four themes to focus on this month as we remember God’s faithfulness in the past year and continue to pray for his kingdom to advance:

How To Pray Throughout The Month:

  1. Pray for the gospel to reach every level of Chinese society.

  2. Pray for the persecuted church in China to persevere and thrive.

  3. Pray that the church in China will not succumb to worldliness.

  4. Pray that the church in China will be an instrument of the gospel to the world.

May the Lord’s will be done in and through the church in China,
all to his glory! 

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