Why Is Gospel Renewal at the Core of Our Ministry?

For much of its history, the roots of the church in China have not always been established in grace-based theology. Instead, many Chinese believers have at times been overly-focused on purity and piety. But by doing so, they can miss the gospel itself! This leads to legalism, exhaustion, and joylessness.

The solution to this dilemma, however, is not found merely through adjusting one’s theology: the solution is through encounter with Jesus Christ himself. The person and work of Jesus are the very definition of the gospel, and only his Spirit can empower the kind of gospel change necessary to bring renewed life and vision.

At China Partnership, we help support a gospel movement in China. The goal of this gospel movement is to help re-center the Chinese church at large in the historic doctrines of grace, revolving around the person and work of Jesus himself. Such gospel renewal is vital if the church in China is to take root and weather any storm. It is vital for the flourishing of the house church and its pastors. And it is vital for the salvation of the lost people in the Middle Kingdom.