Our staff is majority Chinese with extensive ministry experience in China and the United States. This enables us to think and strategize with China as our primary lens.

Contextualized Resources

With our Chinese staff’s leadership and expertise, we are positioned to contextualize Western materials, ministry philosophies, and training curriculum for China.

Enabling Indigenous Leadership

We strive to develop indigenous leadership, and even our Chinese staff posture themselves in ways to enhance local ownership. We long to see a vibrant and life-transforming Chinese church, and for that to occur, local Chinese leaders must take ownership.

Gospel Movement

The goal of our work is to ensure the Chinese church has a robust theology of the gospel and can learn to live out of the gospel of grace. While we provide training in church planting, preaching, theological formation, and discipleship, and offer teaching on the family/marriage, faith & work, city renewal, and mercy & justice, everything begins with the same gospel theology of grace. Without grounding ourselves in this theological vision, we would be an organization with programs. Instead, and we are an organization working to form a nationwide gospel movement.