At China Partnership, we believe prayer should be at the very foundation of all we do. Because of this, we also believe prayer should also be at the very foundation of all that the Chinese church does. Over the last few years, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many Chinese churches have begun to experience a renewed emphasis on prayer. Thus, we think it is only fitting, as a part of our prayer ministry, to pray for their prayer ministry. We need to pray for the Chinese church to pray!

Will you join us in praying for prayer ministry in China? Pray for:

  1. Prayer to be central in the ministry of the church

  2. Prayer to be a Christ-centered, daily habit

  3. Prayer training to continue and increase

  4. Prayer to bring continued revival and renewal



Making Disciples Through Prayer

Several Chinese believers discuss how difficulty leads us to our knees before the Lord.


A Deeper Understanding of Prayer

Pastor Zhang Liyan speaks about why he feels the need for renewal in his personal and corporate prayer life, and how a recent prayer training helped him and his church.



Prayer, Suffering, and the Church

An American working with Chinese churches speaks on how union with Christ is a call to come and die.


Prayer Helps Us See the Lord

A Chinese pastor’s wife speaks on why prayer has been increasingly central in their church, and why prayer helps connect us to God.



Prayer Is Never Doing Nothing

The wife of a Chinese house church pastor speaks about how prayer has personally affected her life and why it is not a one-way street.