Ever since 2018, persecution has been increasing in China. Churches have been raided, resources confiscated, and believers arrested. Yet the primary prayer of these Chinese Christians has not been that persecution would cease: rather, they have consistently viewed their suffering as an opportunity to draw nearer to Christ, and have asked for the strength to love even those who are persecuting them.

This is an amazing testimony for those of us who have never experienced this kind of persecution. Let us learn from the witness of our Chinese brothers and sisters, and let us join in praying for them in the midst of this hardship. Pray for:

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Hear directly from the house church in China

Pre-order the new book from the Center for House Church Theology and Lexham Press, featuring sermons and writings from the Chinese house church as they experience the light of the gospel in the midst of darkness.

“Let us learn from the witness of our Chinese brothers and sisters so that we can stand fast all the better as we face trials wherever we live.”

-Tim Keller, from the foreword