The church in China is not alone. They are part of a body of brothers and sisters, united by the Holy Spirit across the globe. We are grateful for our chance to learn from, pray for, give to, and encourage them, and we hope to continue raising up others to do the same.

Will you join us in praying for partnership with the church China? Pray for:

  1. Partners who would pray daily for their Chinese brothers and sisters

  2. Partners who will generously give to support the work of the gospel in China

  3. Partners who will eagerly learn from what God is teaching Chinese churches

  4. Partners who will actively encourage the Chinese believers in their own lives


The Explosion of Christianity in China

A pastor explains why he believes the Chinese church matters for the global church today, and why it is so vital to partner with them.


Connecting with China

Hannah Nation, our Content Director, speaks on how we can partner with China both by learning from them and by praying for them.


Why Pray for China?

Back in 2017, our now-Vice President Jeff Kyle wrote this article on why it’s important to pray with China.