Persecution & Prayers


Persecution of unregistered churches unfortunately reached new heights in August 2022. One Chinese believer commented that these recent cases make it “obvious that the police’s law enforcement is very different from previous years or even six months ago.”

An alarming number of church services and events have been raided, including a parent-child camp in which 70 people were arrested. By the grace of God, many of those who are being arrested across China are subsequently released. Yet this trend is a serious cause for concern.

Even in the midst of this surge of persecution, however, there are stories of faithfulness. At the beginning of 2022, a pastor was arrested in central China. But the church did not collapse: faithful brothers and sisters continued the ministry, with his wife leading the church’s in-person gatherings in his absence. This August, she was arrested and detained for two weeks before being released. Even then, she did not desist: she faithfully evangelized, even in prison. Praise God that he is strengthening his people for ministry even in the midst of such increased persecution!

How you can be praying

These words were written by a Chinese sister as she cried out to God:

“In the past week or two, many churches across the country have encountered persecution, one after another. Lord, you have raised the temperature of the fire of trial.

Please protect the churches so that we will not lose heart or compromise during the trial of persecution. May we hold fast to the truth and be a good witness for the gospel.”