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God's Love in Trials: A Letter of Encouragement
Editor’s note: This year, China Partnership is praying for the church in China to hold fast. In the fall of 2022, we spoke with Chinese house church leaders and asked them how the global church can pray for and support them in 2023. They specifically asked that we pray that they would hold fast to Christ and to his promises in the midst of pressure, persecution, and uncertainty. We invite you to join us as we labor in love and prayer for the church in China. This letter of encouragement was written...
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A Chinese Immigrant’s Reflection on American Holidays
Editor’s note: Ryan shares his memories of his first American Thanksgiving the year after he and his family emigrated to the United States. Thanksgiving was an exciting but strange holiday to them, and most of all an opportunity to gather and feast with friends and loved ones. It is also a great opportunity for Americans to open their homes and welcome strangers to celebrate with them. This article was originally published in 2014.   The Liveliness of a Joyous Gathering I came to the United...
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Share My Love: A Tea Merchant's Story
Editor’s note: Zang Waiming is a middle-aged tea merchant. He is a member of a small minority people group, but now lives in a large urban area. He grew up in a rural, autonomous area, populated mainly by other minority peoples.  This is part of an ongoing series of interviews with Chinese Christians about their personal stories of faith, and how they came to know and follow God. This is the third and final section of our interview with Zang Waiming (here are links to part one and two). This interview...
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It’s time for a change in missions

Historically, the gospel has spread in China through the work of foreign missionaries. But the indigenous church is maturing, even as persecution is mounting. A new era calls for a new approach. 

We believe that the best way to help spread the gospel in China is by coming alongside the local church already there. They are taking the lead. It is time for us to listen and serve. Our desire is to serve a growing Chinese gospel movement by providing resources, prayer, training, and more. Will you join us?


Support the work in China

Our work of helping the gospel go deeper and wider in China is only possible through the financial support of our partners. Would you stand with the church in China by giving today?


Join our prayer team

Our brothers and sisters in China are asking us to pray for them. At China Partnership, we help cultivate a global prayer team devoted to praying for the church in China. In 2023, we are praying for the church in China to hold fast. Will you join us?


Hear from Chinese voices

The church in China has a leading role to play in the future of Christianity. It is vital for us to learn from them. At China Partnership, we help the global church hear the voice of the indigenous Chinese house church through sharing their articles, sermons, testimonies, and stories.


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