Hear from Rev. Tim Keller and others on why the gospel must be central to all aspects of ministry: how we approach culture, how we approach our families, how we approach church planting, and how we approach our own lives.



What is Gospel Renewal?

Read about how one Chinese brother realized the importance of how grace destroys self-righteousness and brings life transformation.


Dragon Leaders & Older Sons

How does the gospel of grace impact Chinese pastors? Read the testimony of one Chinese pastor who was trying to be a “dragon leader” for his people by his own strength, and how reading Tim Keller’s Prodigal God changed his life and ministry.



What We Need for Sustainability in Ministry

An American serving in China writes about why finding our identity in Christ, rather than in ministry, is crucial for growth and sustainability.

Hallelujah! I’ll Never Build a Grand Church

A Chinese pastor speaks on why ministry accomplishment can be a dangerous idol, and how the gospel-centered approach radically rearranges priorities for discipleship, church planting, family life, and ministry.