Over 1.4 billion people live in China. Yet more than 1.3 billion of China’s population does not know Christ. There is a great need for the gospel in China, but as the country increasingly closes its doors to the West this need is being met first and foremost by the indigenous Chinese church. We can join with them in this kingdom work by helping provide resources, training, encouragement, and prayer.

Will you join us in praying for evangelism in China? Pray for:

  1. The church in China to love Christ first and foremost

  2. The church in China to display Christ’s love by loving each other

  3. The church in China to love the lost in their cities and workplaces

  4. The church in China to boldly share the gospel



Why Practice Evangelism?

Preacher Yang shares about how he and his church community live out Christ’s command to make disciples in the rapidly changing urban Chinese environment.



How Sharing the Gospel in China Impacted My View of Evangelism

A former cross-cultural worker shares about witnessing for Christ in China and how it has shaped his attitude since.


How Evangelism is Changing in China

A Chinese pastor and his wife speak on the changing nature of evangelism in China, posing a key question in ministering to the lost: “Do we really love them?”



Evangelism & Sabbath Rest

An American working with Chinese churches speaks on the importance of connecting our evangelism to the theological truth of Sabbath rest.


Seeking for Eternal Life

In this five-part series, a Chinese woman shares her testimony of coming to Christ in the 1980’s as an international student and how she returned to China to pursue full-time ministry.