The gospel movement in China has grown rapidly over the last decade, and many churches have been planted. But these churches are young. Now, as pressure on the church increases, church leaders are realizing that discipleship is a key area of need for sustainability. Join us in praying that that the church in China will develop a Christ-centered vision for discipleship, grow deeper in the gospel, and pass down the Good News to the next generation.

Will you join us in praying for discipleship in China? Pray for: 

  1. Good examples of discipleship training

  2. Sound Christ-centered theology

  3. Gospel-centered ministry philosophy

  4. Skilled disciplers to be raised up



Go and Make Disciples

Read about how the Chinese church continues to take the call to make disciples very seriously, in spite of the rising pressure they face.


Disciples of an Eschatological Kingdom

In this five-part series, a Chinese house church pastor explores how the reality above (Jesus ruling at the right hand of the Father in heaven) impacts reality below.



Discipleship from the View of the Church

In this five-part series, a Chinese house church pastor speaks on how “discipleship strategies” are doomed to fail, presenting instead a gospel-centered approach to serve the church.


Parenting as Discipleship

A Chinese American biblical counselor speaks on how she encourages and comes alongside modern Chinese parents, walking with them in the difficult but joyful journey of raising and discipling their children.