Grace to the City

It is easy to find many people writing about the church in China, analyzing its theological positions and social impact. It is much more difficult to find the actual gospel voice of the Chinese church—the sermons, prayers, and beliefs of the people themselves.

Grace to the City aims to step away from delivering thoughts about the Chinese house church and instead offer the English-speaking world a chance to sit directly at the feet of its Chinese brothers and sisters.


“What a wonderful book! Its vision for China is expansive and compelling and its message is rich in gospel understanding and application.”

Paul Trip
Pastor, Author, and Conference Speaker


The Good News We Preach

In this book, we offer a unique interaction between Bryan Chapell and four Chinese gospel movement leaders writing in response to his meditation on the gospel. In these four essays, they exemplify biblical faithfulness and doctrinal truth, but through the Chinese house church’s unique experience of persecution, union with Christ, and the cultural strangeness of the gospel.