Isolation and Loneliness: We Know It’s Unhealthy

Pastor Hu Yongjie: Most Chinese pastors are solo ministers. Isolation and loneliness is very common. We know it’s unhealthy. Do you have any suggestions as to how to break through this situation?

Paul Tripp: No pastor lives up, above, or outside of the body of Christ. Christ is the head of his body; everything else is just body. A pastor is a man in the middle of his own sanctification. He needs the ministry of the body of Christ. You have to break down that wall of separation and be self-disclosing enough that people understand you need their comfort, encouragement, and insight as much as anybody else…No pastor is a grace graduate. All the graces that God has designed to come to the body of Christ, you need as well. You have to change the culture and the way people think about you so you can receive the ministry that your soul needs.