Love Your Neighbor by Listening

We feel loved—anyone would feel loved—if someone wants to hear and understand our stories, our culture, where we come from. A lot of times there is a quick, “I’m sorry that happened to you, I’ll never do that. I love all people.” That is nice, but even better would be to say, “Let me understand your perspective, your culture, and see the good about it. Go one step further; sit down with someone—that takes time and effort. Let’s hear each other out. That is what communicates love, and is so needed in these times.

The Church Depends on Christ: Family Life and Ministry Balance

After I started full-time ministry, I encountered a big problem. I assumed that serving the church and serving my family were the same. During my most intense period of serving the church, I spent all my heart, mind, and focus on my ministry. I took my family for granted. I thought they should completely support me, regardless of the cost. I thought that, if you really wanted to make something happen, someone had to sacrifice. I wanted my church community to experience peace and genuine relationships, so I sacrificed my own family.