It Is Not That Simple: Evangelism Involves Worldview Deconstruction

Evangelism is not just telling people that Jesus saves them. It is not that simple. We need to do a lot of work to open eyes, because people are blinded. In China, we opened the door to outsiders for about thirty years. People have just built connections with the world. Now they are cutting all the connections. The door has already closed ninety-eight percent of the way; only two percent is still open. The church should share the gospel by helping people know the truth. We face a population that does not care about truth. They care about feelings.

Church and Culture: A Gospel that Can be Believed

I am not only familiar with the geography and history of Shanghai, but I also love and am familiar with the culture of the city. This is not because of my own personal preference, but because I believe this to be the prerequisite and foundation for any church planter. When Paul arrived in Athens, he spent much time in the synagogues, (i.e. the city’s religious circles) in the marketplaces (the workplaces of Athens), and in the Epicurean and Stoic schools (the academia of the day). He got to know these places and learned about the idols of the city. This prepared him to preach the sermon which convinced even the magistrates in the Areopagus. We cannot point out cultural idols and preach a gospel which can be understood and believed if we do not enter into and understand the culture of the city.