Praying for International Students: Resources for Getting Involved

One of the things that is so crucial about international ministry is about 90 percent of the people we interact with are Chinese intellectuals. Let’s be honest, if I went to China as a missionary, I would never have access to these people. Even if I did have access, they would never have time for me, because their lives are so busy. What would they care about what some stay-at-home mom from America has to tell them? International student ministry is critical, because you have people from the upper echelons coming to the United States. They have more freedom and more security to ask these questions. And more time.

Praying for International Students: How One Mom Committed to International Student Ministry

“I love sharing the gospel with people. I love talking about Jesus, I love answering questions about the Bible. That was what hooked me from the beginning. Evangelism and discipleship light me up. Evangelism is what got me interested in ISM, but what has kept me in ISM are the people, the gospel opportunities, and the potential global impact that international student ministry has.”

Seeking for Eternal Life, Part 3: “I Was Not an Orphan Anymore”

It was a step of faith to decide not to worry about the future, about China. I thought, “God is the ruler of the universe, and he’ll protect me. Christ died for me on the cross. If I don’t receive that gift, that is the ultimate insult to him. How can I not love him?”