Praying for Hong Kong: Do You Remember, Lord?

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Editor’s note: Pastor Chris Sun shepherds three children with his wife, and serves the Lord together with his co-workers at Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church in Hong Kong.

In July, the pandemic made a huge resurgence in Hong Kong. Schools had to start summer break early. My emotions have gone from that of seeing the first light of the morning, to returning back to the long, dark night. I could not help lamenting: “How long will this be? May the Lord help us and lead us in this time!”

The battle against the pandemic has lasted for about half a year, and I feel deeply powerless and helpless. I still remember how joyful I was when I said to the brothers and sisters last time: “How much I enjoy worshipping in person at church on Sundays!” I thought that was the end of the battle. Who would have known that now we are back to the status of forbidding group gatherings?

To make things worse, Hong Kong’s political situation leaves an unpromising future for all of us. How should we make plans for our children and our family? How should the church adjust its strategy? What plans and changes would the company where you serve adopt?

I believe we all have things to think and worry about. But when I think of God, I feel comforted, because he will not leave us alone. Lord, you know the road ahead of me, and I am willing to put my hands into yours. When I go through painful trials, grant me this pleasant thought: that you do remember me!

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Pastor Chris reflects on the difficulties faced by Hongkongers this past years, and how Christians are called to trust the Lord even in uncertainty. In what circumstances are you being called to put your hands into God’s hands, and trust him with the unknown road ahead?

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