China Partnership’s Early Rain Prayer Guide

China Partnership offers this guide as a supplement to understand the prayer requests released by Early Rain Covenant Church and the Western China Presbytery. We hope this additional information will help those unfamiliar with China, Early Rain, Wang Yi, and the other people and institutions mentioned by Early Rain.

Letter for All Christian Churches to Pray for Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu

We share with Early Rain Covenant Church the same catholic, orthodox faith, and therefore identify with the persecution they are under because we are part of the body of Christ. We appeal to the churches of God to join in this spiritual battle through your prayers, your encouragement, your comfort and your support; to hold with love the members in distress, and to crush Satan’s neck with your knees and tears.

LIVE POST – Early Rain Covenant Church Urgent Prayer Updates

As news of Wang Yi’s arrest and the persecution of Early Rain Covenant Church begins to gain increased attention across various media platforms, China Partnership is concerned that an accurate narrative of events is made available. In an effort to help establish the correct timeline of events and an accurate understanding of the level of persecution, we have agreed to maintain a live post of the updates coming directly from Early Rain itself. All new updates posted by Early Rain will be posted here within 24 hours of release.