1 Way to Pray for China this Week

This week, take a glimpse into the prayers on the hearts of Chinese church leaders. The following comes from a regular prayer newsletter sent out by a church network. Join them in praying for the specific needs listed below.

A Chinese Prayer Guide

We are grateful for the integration of faith and work, the practice of justice and love, and the teaching of the gospel in different churches across China.

Although faith based activities, work, and campaigns are not widespread in China, in some areas there has been inspiring growth. These areas include:

anti-abortion campaigns,

service for political prisoners,

translation and publication,

music production,

taxi driving,

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medical care,

elderly care,

hospice care,

education and training,

marriage counseling,

law consultancy,


home services,

food banks,

disadvantaged areas in cities,

overseas returnees,

businessmen fellowships,

ex-inmate re-employment,

and care for the homeless people care.

Praise God for existing growth in each of these areas and pray for more growth. If churches become more involved in society, it will be easier to establish more churches.

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