1 Way to Pray for China This Week

As America participates in national debate and conversation over sexual assault, so too does China. High profile cases involving women and children have at times sparked outrage and at other times, apathy. Recent studies show that 1 in 3 Chinese college students have experienced sexual harassment, and estimates suggest that a potential 25 million minors under the age of eighteen have suffered sexual abuse. Let us pray this week for both of our nations to recognize the statistical realities, repent of sin, heal the damaged, and protect the vulnerable.

How to pray:

– Pray for victims. Pray for God to see the voiceless and helpless and to execute justice on their behalf. Pray for God to comfort and heal bearers of his image that have been violated.

– Pray for the church to be on the front lines of this issue. Pray that the church will be known as a safe place for victims to speak out and find support and for perpetrators to repent and change.

– Pray for more counselors and social workers in China. Pray for the support systems needed to address issues of abuse and harassment to be put in place. Pray for Christians to flood these jobs and help work for the establishment of a safe and just civil society.

– Pray for the Chinese government, police, and legal system to take these issues seriously. Pray for just laws that are implemented consistently and fairly.

– Pray for anyone ministering to Chinese students. It is statistically likely that those ministering to Chinese overseas or in China will need to help students address issues of sexual assault. Pray for greater awareness and for proper training to help those who are suffering.

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