1 Way to Pray for China this Week

Familial care for the elderly has long been the traditional backbone of Chinese society; however, China today faces the growing issue of children abandoning their aging parents and refusing to care for them. When this happens, there are little to no social safety nets in place to care the elderly – they are often left sick, poor, and without protection. The government is seeking solutions to this rising trend and recently instituted penalties for severe cases of elder abandonment. Yet no one knows how effective such legislation can really be. Pray this week for the church to step in as an active force for caring for the week and forgotten in Chinese society – in this case the elderly whose children cannot or will not care for them.

How to pray:

– Pray for the social pressures the Chinese family faces. Due to the one-child policy, China’s youngest generations are responsible to care for multiple aging parents. This can lead to serious financial and social stress, especially when there is disagreement within the family concerning the allocation of time and resources.

– Pray for the Chinese government to enact good and just policies concerning the elderly. Pray for social safety nets to be put into place that protect the vulnerable without undermining the family. Pray for justice for the oppressed.

– Pray for the Christian community to think carefully and creatively concerning how the gospel impacts Chinese family structures and obligations. Pray for good contextualization so that Christians may be known among their fellow countrymen as exhibiting both great freedom and great responsibility towards their parents.

– Pray for the church to be first in serving the elderly and for the gospel to be preached among the old, as well as the young. Pray for Christians to be burdened to share Christ with those who do not have long in this world. Pray for repentance and faith among China’s older generations.


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