1 Way to Pray for China this Week

Next month Disney will open a new theme park in Shanghai, China. Over $5 million dollars have been spent in the construction of the resort, and already one million people have visited its public spaces. The park makes an effort to include aspects of local Chinese culture in its design and themes, cleverly providing dragon boats for guests to paddle and blending Disney characters with the animals of the Chinese zodiac. It will even feature the first Mandarin language production of The Lion King! As a sign of China’s rising middle class, pray this week for all that Disneyland Shanghai symbolizes.

How to pray:

 Pray for China’s rising middle class. Pray for job security and economic stability so that the suffering of previous generations is not revisited in China.

 Pray against the materialism and consumerism that tempts so many Chinese. Pray for true joy and peace to be found in the Lord who created all good things. Pray that God would use even Disneyland to speak to people’s hearts, reminding them that no treasures on earth can truly satisfy.

 Pray that Disneyland Shanghai would be a good thing for the economy, culture, and people of China. Pray that it will be a force for justice and equity. Pray for workers on all levels to be well managed and paid fairly. Pray that Disneyland would inspire artistic creativity and imagination, rather than covetousness or selfishness. Pray that the resort would be a place for families and friends to further relationships and love each other.

 Pray for the millions of Chinese who will never visit Disneyland and for whom the resort signifies being “left out” of China’s economic boom. Pray for China’s astounding wealth gap, and pray for the poor across the country.


 Shanghai Disney Resort

 One Million Chinese Visit Shanghai Disneyland Before Its Opening

 First look INSIDE Shanghai Disneyland

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