1 Way to Pray for China this Week

This June, an unofficial sequel to Chariots of Fire will be released called The Last Race. Directed by Stephen Shin of Hong Kong, the film looks at Eric Liddell’s years in China after his famous Olympic victory. Liddell served as a missionary and teacher for many years in Beijing and Tianjin and eventually died in a Japanese internment camp in 1945. Liddell is remembered for encouraging his fellow prisoners to pray for their Japanese enemies and the movie depicts Liddell’s leadership, sacrifice, and forgiveness in the camp. Because the movie deals sensitively with Liddell’s Christian faith, the movie has passed Chinese censorship and its directors are hopeful it can draw Chinese viewers.

How to pray:

 Praise God for the growing Chinese film industry. Praise God for opportunities for creativity and expression in the country.

 Praise God for Christians in the Chinese art world and pray for more Chinese Christians in the arts. The director of this movie is a professing Christian – pray for him throughout the next few months before the film’s release.

 Pray for people to engage with this film. Pray that it will spark good conversations and that people will be curious to learn more not just about Liddell, but ultimately about his faith.        


 Story of Scottish Missionary and Runner Eric Liddell Comes to Life Again After Success of ‘Chariots of Fire’

 Chariots of Fire, the sequel: New film starring Joseph Fiennes tell the story of how ‘Flying Scotsman’ Eric Liddell snubbed fame to become a Christian missionary – then died in a Japanese internment camp

 The Last Race: Unofficial Chariots of Fire sequel starring Joseph Fiennes in the running

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