1 Way to Pray for China This Week

August is a great time of transition for many overseas Christian workers. During this time, many people are either transitioning onto or off of the field, particularly if they work in campus related ministries. For those entering the field, teams are now getting established in their new homes, perhaps meeting each other for the first time. The vision for the year is getting set and ministry plans are being made. Everything is new – culture, food, language, people, etc. For those transitioning off the field, the reality of reverse culture shock really starts to set in during this time. For many this will be the first year in a long time that they have not participated in the busyness of late-summer ministry preparations. Pray this week for all of those who are go to or coming from ministry fields in China.

How to pray:

  • Pray for those leaving the United States and moving to China. Pray for their goodbyes from loved ones on this side of Pacific and pray for the welcome they will receive in their new home. Pray for their spirits to be encouraged and renewed every day so that they might run the long-distance race, rather than a short sprint. Pray for great cultural curiosity and humility as they learn China and pray that these characteristics are displayed in every interaction they have with the Chinese people and church. Pray for physical protection and sustenance.
  • Pray for those returning from China. Pray against the aimlessness that those leaving the field can often feel. Pray for good work and purpose to be found in the United States. Pray returning workers will find good community among Christians who can understand and encourage them. Pray for rest. Pray the returning workers to have gracious hearts, seeking the Lord in the midst of reverse culture shock. Pray that these returning workers would be as passionate about building up the American church as they are about the Chinese church.

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