1 Way to Pray for China This Week

About the same time Greece’s economic woes took over the news a few weeks ago, China also faced economic difficulties. If you avidly stay abreast of the news, you most likely heard or read about China’s stock market crashing. For those of us who do not pay such close attention, you may have heard a brief mention of it in-between other major headlines. Either way, we encourage you to take time this week to pray for China’s economy as it continues to try to make up its losses in recent weeks. How to pray:

  • Pray for stable prosperity for China. Pray that its economy will continue to grow and develop. Pray that the nation’s political and market leaders will be judicious and wise in their dealings, acting in the best interest of the people and environment, rather than solely for personal profit.
  • Pray that God will use these trying weeks to shake people free of materialist idols. As wealth increases in China, people look increasingly to superficial and worldly interests for purpose and fulfillment. Pray that people will be reminded of what is eternal and lasting.
  • Pray for Christians in high places. The church is present in all spheres in China, including the marketplace and among the wealthy. Pray for these Christians to know how to connect their faith with their work and pray that Chinese Christians in business will lead the way globally in engaging their work for the glory of God and the good of his creation.


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