Cities in China are growing at an incredible rate. Every year, thousands of people move into China’s urban centers, and since 1980 the percentage of China’s population living in cities has risen from 19% to 63%. Like the Apostle Paul, who focused on church planting in Roman urban centers, many Chinese churches have realized that reaching cities for the gospel must be central to their strategy.

At China Partnership, we help support a gospel movement aimed at planting gospel-centered churches (and renewing existing churches) in Chinese cities. We’d love for you to partner with us. Learn more about some of the cities we serve, or join us as we pray for ministry to the city in China.



Loving the City that Hates You

Sister He Kewang shares how her church reaches out to and loves their city, even in the midst of continued persecution and harassment from police and government officials.



A Different Testimony in Our City

Pastor Zhu Min shares about developing a holistic vision to love and bless his city, and about the difficulties the church faces as she carries out her mission in China’s urban contexts.


The Church is the Mission

A Chinese pastor speaks on how the best way to reach Chinese cities is to focus on growing the church.



The City of God on Earth

In this 5-part series, a Chinese pastor writes about the theology of the city, why ministering to cities is important, and how the church is the model of the heavenly city.


Justice in the City

A Chinese pastor speaks on being a Christ-like model of the gospel by serving the city.