In trial it is easy to allow tensions and tribalism to get the best of us. As the global church, however, we are still called to love our neighbors well. We have collected these particular prayers, testimonies, and articles from Chinese and non-Chinese voices alike to help remind us why we should continue to love China and the Chinese church.



How to Practice Love Towards Our Asian Neighbors

Professor Alexander Jun writes about how we can practice passive and active love for our Asian neighbors in a time of growing hatred.



The Church’s Response to Rising Xenophobia

A pastor in North Carolina offers four observations and four challenges on the realities Asians and Asian Americans are facing amid COVID-19. He cautions us to remember that the church has a duty to love and stand up for our neighbors in the name of Christ.


Why Chinese are Eager to Donate Face Masks

When COVID-19 was at its worst in China, churches across the globe rallied to send medical supplies to China. Now, as COVID-19 grows worse in the West, the church in China is doing the same.



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