Friday Reflection – Corporately Preaching the Kingdom

If their faith is to be connected to their vocation and if they are to serve in the marketplace, we need to teach the brothers and sisters so they know that the church is organized and passionate. They need to understand that it is not only when believers are gathered that the church exists, but the church also exists when it is scattered and witnessing unto the Lord.

Seeking for Eternal Life, Part 3: “I Was Not an Orphan Anymore”

It was a step of faith to decide not to worry about the future, about China. I thought, “God is the ruler of the universe, and he’ll protect me. Christ died for me on the cross. If I don’t receive that gift, that is the ultimate insult to him. How can I not love him?”

The Chinese Church Under Pressure – A Special Series from Our President

Today’s church is the construction site in which the Holy Spirit is building a new creation. You and I – pastors, preachers, each and every Christian – are builders of this holy city, and also builders of the ultimate humanity. The Holy Spirit is working through us to re-create mankind.