Witness In Persecution: Heart Struggle

Editor’s note: In the last several years, more churches in China have experienced persecution and/or pressure. This is still not the only story that is true of the Chinese house church, but more and more pastors and laypeople are preparing themselves to stand firm when they are pressured to betray God and their fellow church […]

He Is Our Peace

Editor’s note: The first week of October, Christians from around southeast Asia and the globe came together for a time of encouragement and fellowship at the Jakarta 2023 conference in Indonesia. Ryan, CP’s translation manager, writes that opportunities to gather with the global church are rare for Chinese Christians — but a strong reminder to […]

Family Foundations: The Gospel in the Family

Editor’s note: Gu Junqing grew up in a Christian family and came to believe in the Lord at an early age. This is the fourth part of his story, and he shares how he and his wife are trying to establish a Christian home where their children can learn to follow Christ in their early […]

Misconceptions About Discipleship: Part Two

Editor’s note: In 2022, a Chinese pastor wrote this letter to his congregation, encouraging them to take discipleship seriously, both in their own lives and in the life of the church. The article was first published in Chinese on the Grace to City website. Today, we are publishing the second half of this letter, after […]

Misconceptions About Discipleship: Part One

Every Christian is called to discipleship. Every Christian is called to encourage faith and love in other believers. God wants every single Christian to learn how to build deep, encouraging relationships with one another.

How to Face Persecution: Caring for the Persecuted

It is very important we visit believers who have just been released from jail. Most of these people live in fear, and don’t talk much when they get out. It is important for us to encourage them, listen to them, and help them to return to the church. Although a few are beaten, for most people the hurt is not physical, but emotional and spiritual.

How to Face Persecution: The Whole Church’s Response

Our church is not as prepared as we thought. People still have many fears. As pastors of the flock, we must first acknowledge our weaknesses. I want them to fix their eyes on Jesus’s grace. Victory does not lie in wisdom or courage, but in the grace of Christ. We need to communicate the power of this grace to those who persecute us.

How To Face Persecution: Pastoral Care

A church under persecution is in great difficulty. Communication among members is limited. Believers face great pressure, and many spiritual challenges… Under persecution’s pressure, the weaknesses and struggles church members experience are very real.

Very Much Against My Faith: Baffled by Unconditional Love

After I came back to China, they started to show strong opposition because I was now in China, not in America anymore. Yes, they were very much against my faith. I was already an adult, but they wouldn’t let me go to church.