1 Way to Pray for China This Week

Pray this week for those feeling afraid to due changes in America’s immigration policy. Regardless of your political convictions and opinions, take time this week to recognize that many Chinese in America are feeling very confused and uncertain regarding their future in the country. Though they may not be the most affected immigrant group, fears are still running high among many Chinese communities, particularly among international students trying to apply for work visas.

How to pray:

– Pray for those who are afraid. Pray for those who know Jesus to grow in trusting him with their lives and livelihoods. Pray for those who do not yet know Jesus to be compelled rather than put off by the message of Christ’s sovereignty. Pray that uncertainty among the Chinese immigrant community would bring hearts closer to reconciliation with the Creator.

– Pray for clarity and good information for those applying for visas, especially among the student community. Often the the language barrier and lack of accurate information causes uncertain situations to be even more fearful. Pray against disinformation and confusion.

– Pray for American friends and advocates to be faithful in helping and encouraging the Chinese community. Pray that whatever policy changes might be enacted in the coming year will not reduce the work of the local church to love and serve our international neighbors. Pray that whatever happens – increased visa restrictions or loosening of visa policies – will ultimately work for the good of those believe and for justice in this world.

– Pray for the Chinese church in America to be active in serving immigrant communities that may have even more difficulties than they themselves do. Pray that the experiences of Chinese Christians in America might be used to bless immigrant communities from countries currently torn apart by war and terrorism, dictatorship, and/or religious persecution, particularly the Middle Eastern countries dealing with the recent tightening of restrictions.

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