1 Way to Pray for China This Week

This weekend the Rio 2016 Olympics will begin, so pray this week for China’s many athletes and coaches. Pray also for the thousands of children who are in athletic training programs. The gospel is good news for all areas of society – pray that the gospel will make an impact in China’s athletic world!

How to pray:

 Pray for athletes traveling to Brazil. Pray for travel safety and for physical protection, both in training and competition, but also due to the continued concerns over Zika virus.

– Pray also for the safety of all Chinese tourists traveling to Brazil.

 Pray for Christians to be present within the athletic systems and organizations of China. Pray for more men and women like Li Yan (see video below) to have faith in Christ and to openly share their faith with their teams. Pray that God would honor the work of Christians in the athletic world so that they might direct their glory to God.

 Pray for China’s athletic training schools. Pray for children to hear the gospel and for Christians working in the schools to apply their faith to their work. Pray for those who do not become olympians to be supported and to find their true purpose in life. Pray for families whose hopes rely on the success of their children to place their hope in God.

 Pray for the church to actively pursue the athletic world and for ministries that understand the pressures, joys, frustrations, and temptations of athletes. Pray that the church would seek to bring the gospel to all spheres of life, including the athletic sphere.

 Praise God for his blessings upon the Chinese athletes and for the amazing gifts he has given them!

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