1 Way to Pray for China This Week

In recent weeks, central and southern China have seen an unusual amount of inclement weather, including tornados, mudslides, and flooding. An estimated 33 million people have been impacted, and dozens have been killed. Pray for safety and quick recovery as extensive damage to infrastructure has been done.

How to pray:

– Pray for families who are mourning the loss of loved ones. Pray for peace and hope in the midst of tragedy.                

– Pray for those who have been injured. Pray for good medical care and against longterm disability.

– Pray for communities that have been significantly damaged, many of which are poor. Pray for aid to reach them and for infrastructure to be restored. Pray against corruption in the use and disbursement of aid.

– Pray for the church to be quick in serving those in need. Pray that those whose lives have been damaged will hear, see, and feel the Good News through the love and care of Christians.


China: Severe weather, including rare tornado, kills scores

Flooding kills more than 180 people in central and southern China

Large-scale floods soak south-west China – video

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