1 Way to Pray for China this Week

This week pray for the thousands of children who fall victim to human trafficking in China every year. The issue has gained significant attention among Chinese citizens in recent years, and in response local communities are working to establish better procedures and guidelines with the police and government. One example is the establishment of an Emergency Response System, similar to the Amber Alert in the United States. The effectiveness of the system was recently demonstrated when a little girl was kidnapped and rescued within in a few days. Praise God for new and better systems being implemented in China, and pray for the many children who remain missing.

How to pray:

 Pray for the estimated 20,000 children who are abducted every year in China. Most are sold to families looking to adopt, but many end up on the streets. Pray for rescue and justice.

 Pray for those working to combat trafficking. Pray for the police to take their duty seriously and to investigate thoroughly. Pray for lawmakers to create good laws. Pray for advocacy groups to raise awareness. Pray for all of those who work for and assist with the recovery of children.

 Pray for parents who have lost children. Pray for their burdens to be carried by Jesus. Pray for their hearts to be healed. Pray for justice on their behalf.

 Pray for the church to know how to reach and minister to families dealing with such tragedy.

 Pray for quality mental healthcare for families effected by child trafficking.


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 Online anti-child-trafficking platform helps rescue girl days after its launch

 The father searching for his abducted son

 Kidnapped and Sold: Inside the Dark World of Child Trafficking in China

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