1 Way to Pray for China this Week

Pray this week for Christian publications in China! Christian literature has long been a significant part of discipleship and spiritual growth among Christians in the West; now, the same is becoming true with the increase of Christian publishing in China. Publishers are working diligently to translate both historic and new Christian works into Chinese. Editors and writers are developing a growing number of journals and magazines on theology, spiritual formation, and the church. And pastors across the nation have taken up personal blogging and online distribution of sermon content. The Chinese church is not only actively engaging Christian literature from other cultural centers, but it is quickly developing its own resources.

How to pray:

       Praise God for the growing industry of Christian publication in China. Give praise for the people who faithfully work at writing, translating, editing, and printing.

       Praise God for increased theological depth and conversation in China. Praise God for pastors and lay believers who are increasingly trained in Biblical interpretation, theology, and ministry, and are better equipped to communicate the gospel to their culture.

       Give praise for the technologies that are allowing the Chinese church to share information. Thank God for social media platforms that are playing a vital role in getting Christian literature into the hands of millions of Chinese readers.

       Pray for increased opportunity for Christian publishers to operate legally and openly in China. Pray for the government to view such publishing favorably and for publishers to maintain good relationship with local authorities.

       Pray for publishers, printers, and writers who are facing opposition to their work to remain steadfast in Christ. Pray for perseverance and courage.


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