1 Way to Pray for China this Week

The Pew Research Center recently shared “6 facts about how Americans and Chinese see each other.” This very helpful article reviews research concerning how views of each other differ by age group, what people are most concerned about, and the impact of politics. Some of the research is discouraging, so let’s pray this week for how our countries see each other!

Using quotes directly from the article, please join us this week in praying for Chinese-America relations. And consider joining us to do so every morning at 10:02am!

How to pray:

“Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Washington this week to participate in a major global summit on nuclear issues. Xi will also meet on Thursday afternoon with President Obama. The meeting comes at a time of ongoing tensions between the two countries.”

       Prayer for China and America’s relations is timely. Please pray this week for our political leaders to be wise as they engage a myriad of sensitive and weighty topics. Pray for Christians not only to be present in both administrations, but also to know how to wisely advise for the good of their country and the globe. Pray for these meetings to bring glory of God!

“Overall, Americans and Chinese do not have especially positive views of each other.”

       Pray for cultural understanding among citizens of both countries. Pray for increased opportunities to engage cross culturally.

       Pray for Americans living in China to be gracious, humble, and sensitive. Pray more Americans working and studying in China to be Christians. Pray for missionaries to be faithful in learning and acquiring language and cultural skills.

       Pray for Chinese in America to be curious, open, and compassionate. Pray for wealthy Chinese living in America to put their resources to good use and to exercise faithful stewardship. Pray for Chinese to avoid disillusionment.

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       Pray for the church to lead in teaching its people to love all of God’s creation. Pray that Christians will love the city wherever they find themselves, whether it be their own nation or across the Pacific.

“Americans are most concerned about economic issues, cybersecurity and human rights. Specifically, the amount of U.S. debt held by China and the loss of jobs to China are Americans’ top worries…”

       Pray for Americans to trust in God for their financial and physical protection. Pray that fear will not guide Americans’ views of China, but instead the hope of fruitful engagement. Pray for American business leaders to be creative in growing economies so that flourishing abounds for all.

       Pray for the entire globe as we enter further into the reality of a connected and wired reality. Pray that cyberspace will not be an avenue for harm for either individuals or communities, but rather would be a powerful tool for good in our world.

       Pray for a greater understanding of humanity as created in the image of God as the basis for human rights. Pray that as the church grows in China, so would the value and dignity of human life.

“Republicans are more critical of China compared with Democrats… The exception is China’s impact on the environment, which worries Democrats more.”

       Pray for America’s political season as it impacts international relations. Pray for wise and discerning leaders to be elected this year. Pray for leaders who are not guided by fear, but by confidence in and submission to the Lord of the universe.

       Pray for China’s environment. Pray that along with an increased value in human life, the advance of the gospel in China will provide the nation with the worldview necessary to steward its natural resources well. Pray for Americans not to judge China, but rather to aide and assist.

“Many Americans think China will ultimately become the world’s top superpower, and most Chinese agree.”

       Pray that as China rises in power it will become an increasingly righteous and just superpower. Pray that China will deeply desire the good of its neighbors and work for peace and prosperity not only within its borders, but across the globe.

       Pray that America will also act with righteousness and justice. Pray that America will not fear a shift in power, but will seek to do good as it can.

       Pray for deep humility for both nations. Pray for peace, goodwill, and cooperation between China and America.

“Most Chinese think the U.S. is trying to hold their nation back.”

       Pray for China not to fear America. Pray for a spirit of cooperation, rather than competition. Pray for Chinese to have relationships with Americans who love China and are excited about its growth and development.

“Young people in both countries express more favorable attitudes of the other nation.”

       Pray for young people across both countries to continue engage each other. Pray for new leaders to be raised up across all sectors of life among the younger generations.

       Pray for the increase of the church among the younger generations in both countries. Pray that young Christians in both countries might have opportunities to learn from each other and their differences. Pray for young American Christians to learn about suffering and perseverance from the Chinese church. Pray for young Chinese Christians to have access to America’s theological training.

       Pray for the church to become the primary source of cross-cultural unity. Pray that one day research will demonstrate that the church is the primary source of favorable opinions across Chinese and American borders.


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