1 Way to Pray for China This Week

Across the United States, countless churches and ministries have worked to connect international scholars and visitors with Christian hosts to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Tomorrow and throughout the weekend, families will open up their homes to welcome and love their international neighbors, including thousands of Chinese. It will be a time for cultural exchange, holiday fun, and warm fellowship. It can also often lead to open and honest conversations about Christ. Pray this week for the many families hosting internationals at their Thanksgiving meals.

How to pray:

       Pray for host families to be warm and gracious. Pray for hosts to practice and model God’s hospitality to us. Pray cultural sensitivity and awareness.

       Pray for international guests to know the love of Christ. Pray for guests to feel welcomed and appreciated. Pray for guests to be confident in engaging a new culture.

       Pray for all of the food, transportation, and linguistic details. Pray against misunderstanding concerning dietary restrictions, pick-up/drop-off locations and times, language levels, and any other common cross-cultural difficulty. Pray for grace whenever and wherever there is confusion.

       Pray for Christ to bring all glory and honor to himself through these interactions. Pray for many hearts to be awakened to the Redeemer and Savior this holiday season.

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