May You Strengthen Them by Your Spirit

Lord, I also pray for house church leaders, especially for pastors who are going through persecution, pressure, trouble, anxiety, and stress. Lord, I pray that you will help them to have inner fortitude to speak as a great witness to a watching world, that they would not waver in their commitment, that they will not be tempted by materialism and the opportunities for going it the easy way.

“May They Meet the God of Hope in Their Despair”: A Special Prayer for Covid-19

Lord, “relent of the disaster you have spoken.” Bring an end to this epidemic soon. Lord, have you not used this epidemic to strike and besiege us so you might manifest your power and bring salvation? Please be gracious to Hubei and to China, and bless many through this disaster. As they reach their end, as they enter the valley of the shadow of death, may they meet the God of hope in their despair, and come to know the Lord of life in the darkness of death.