How I Prayed for Joy

Joy Comes through Walking with Jesus — Even in Suffering When I think about Chinese Christians and joy, it feels like this is an area where they already have superhuman strength. The examples of how Chinese believers exemplify joy come to mind quickly: a sister who is joyfully returning to China, even though she knows […]

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Repentance

Repentance and Return Repent: “to feel such sorrow for sin or fault as to be disposed to change one’s life for the better.” In the Bible, the Hebrew word translated as “to repent” comes from the verb “to return,” and connotates turning back to something you’ve left. In the New Testament, the Greek word for […]

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Love

The practices of our parents shape and form us, but we have a perfect Father who has loved us completely. May that love be the defining force in the lives of Chinese believers. May they hold tight to him and rest in his perfect love for them – even when they fail.

Praise In All Circumstances: A Letter of Encouragement

I want to encourage you that many in the American church are praying for you. Yes, we are praying your safety and peace. But above all, we are praying his steadfastness would enable you to praise him in all circumstances, knowing that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Community

Chinese believers are different ages, different ethnicities, different sexes, and hail from different socio-economic groups. Some are rural, uneducated grandmothers who remained faithful through years of trial; others are urbane intellectuals. Yet no matter their differences, who they are in Jesus is more important than anything else about them.

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Weakness

Our own human weaknesses only provide opportunity for God’s glory to shine through. I am praying that Chinese believers will have the supernatural strength and grace to rejoice and give thanks in all of their weaknesses. God has Chinese believers in this season because he wants to use their difficulties to show his own greatness and goodness.

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to the Kingdom

Pray with me: may Chinese believers truly realize that they have a kingdom that cannot be shaken. The king they serve is with them, is living, and his rule cannot be overcome.

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Christ

After three years of intermittent lockdowns, Christians want to come together. But because of tight controls, many churches are finding this goal all but impossible. My friend said her church is meeting in small groups, with a few families in each group….Pray for God to give pastors and believers in church bodies like this bravery to face their reality, and also patience as they persevere in difficult circumstances.

How I Prayed for Monterey Park

I live just outside the border of Monterey Park, within walking distance of a dance studio where, last weekend, a 72-year-old gunman shot and killed 11 people and wounded nine others. Usually, when I sit down to write a monthly “how I prayed” piece, China is the forefront of my mind. But this week, it is hard to tear my thoughts away from my own community, which is in shock after the tragic shooting.