Hallelujah! I’ll Never Build A Grand Church

Editor’s note: We are continuing to throw it back this summer and autumn by re-sharing a few of our favorite blog posts from over the years. This was initially published in 2016, as a Mainland Chinese pastor shared about God’s grace to himself and his church in recent years. It has been lightly edited and […]

Don’t Just Preach, Disciple: Family Foundations

Editor’s note: Gu Junqing grew up in a Christian family and came to believe in the Lord at an early age. This is the fifth and final part of his story, and Gu talks about how he says many Chinese Christians enthusiastically sharing the gospel, but are lacking follow-up and discipleship. To build a strong […]

Why Should We Learn From Chinese Christians?

Editor’s note: How does a church under pressure stay renewed in the gospel of grace? For 70 years, house churches in China have grown amidst cultural marginalization, political disenfranchisement, and periods of active persecution. In recent years, a growing movement of Reformed, urban house churches have begun to articulate an important theology of ‘walking the […]

Family Foundations: Teach the Bible More Deeply

Editor’s note: Gu Junqing grew up in a Christian family and came to believe in the Lord at an early age. In this third part of his story, he says Christians should be careful not to present unbelievers with a warped version of faith. He warns against sharing a “fast food” gospel that only focuses […]

Out of Blows, Knowledge Grows

Editor’s note: There is a Chinese proverb which says you cannot come to know another person without fighting with them; “out of blows, knowledge grows.” (In Chinese, this is “不打不相识,” or “Bu da, bu xiang shi.”) Tan Jian is a Chinese preacher who is well-accustomed to “blows” for the sake of Christ. In this short […]

Family Foundations: My End Goal Is Not The Same

Editor’s note: Gu Junqing grew up in a Christian family and came to believe in the Lord at an early age. In this second part of his story, he shares how, as a reflective teenager, he was frustrated with the lies of history. He also saw how meaningless life was unless it was lived for […]

How I Prayed: Hold Fast to Love

The practices of our parents shape and form us, but we have a perfect Father who has loved us completely. May that love be the defining force in the lives of Chinese believers. May they hold tight to him and rest in his perfect love for them – even when they fail.

Law Is Not Greater Than Heaven: Light in the Darkness

Honorable judge and public prosecutors: the law seeks justice, and you are representatives of that law. I implore you: fear God, look to the starry heavens, fulfill your divine vocation, and render a just judgment.

This Is Clearly Religious Persecution: Light in the Darkness

I was not surprised to be arrested. Many of the Lord’s churches had already been targeted; many preachers had already been arrested. But surely everyone can see this criminal case is actually religious oppression. This is clearly religious persecution against Jesus’s church…If this is not persecution, what is it?

Preparing to Persevere: Perseverance of the Saints

Believers and co-laborers: winter has come. Are we prepared? Are our churches ready? We must look at history and the practical experiences of those who went before us as the church prepares for this crisis.