Building a Biblical Church: The Institution Is Not the Goal

Editor’s note: What is the church? How can a church be governed by the Bible? These are questions Christians have struggled with for more than two millennia. As the Chinese church continues to mature, Chinese believers are also facing these difficult and important questions. Pastor Wu Jing continues this series, fleshing out why and how […]

Reflections from Jail

Editor’s note: Elder Hu Guang was detained a few years ago on charges of fraud. While in jail, he wrote this devotional. His wife later shared it on Weibo, along with a request for prayer that Hu will remain healthy and his faith will stay strong. This translated devotional has been lightly edited, and some […]

The Power of Heaven

Editor’s note: How does a church under pressure stay renewed in the gospel of grace? For 70 years, house churches in China have grown amidst cultural marginalization, political disenfranchisement, and periods of active persecution. In recent years, a growing movement of Reformed, urban house churches have begun to articulate an important theology of ‘walking the […]

Don’t Just Preach, Disciple: Family Foundations

Editor’s note: Gu Junqing grew up in a Christian family and came to believe in the Lord at an early age. This is the fifth and final part of his story, and Gu talks about how he says many Chinese Christians enthusiastically sharing the gospel, but are lacking follow-up and discipleship. To build a strong […]

How to Face Persecution: Caring for the Persecuted

It is very important we visit believers who have just been released from jail. Most of these people live in fear, and don’t talk much when they get out. It is important for us to encourage them, listen to them, and help them to return to the church. Although a few are beaten, for most people the hurt is not physical, but emotional and spiritual.

The Cry of a Subversive Patriot

I am a subversive patriot because, despite the progress we have made as a nation, America is not my best hope for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” My ultimate allegiance is to a King who gave up his own life, liberty, and happiness to redeem us from the tyranny of sin.